Brand journalism = content marketing = custom publishing?

„Brand journalism is journalism produced on behalf of a brand. But it’s not used just by brands. It can be used by any kind of organisation, or for any cause“, says Andy Bull.

But, is brand journalism or content marketing like the same? „Brand journalism starts with a journalist’s mindset. However, it is not traditional journalism. Brand journalists, like reporters, hunt for good stories, but a part of their brains always considers brand impact“, says the Cision blog.

Brands are built on stories. Stories show and engage rather than push or proclaim. But not just any old story will do. Stories that resonate with audiences are told with a journalist’s eye and ethic, then combined with a PR pro’s knack for amplification and distribution.
– Thus, it’s more about story telling, but not about journalism, in my opinion.
Let’s debate on #nm16 in Munich!


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